Ted McVay

M.S. in Biochemistry at Baylor University

“I so enjoy going home at night with Yummy Combs in my pocket. My dog Ollie meets me at the door each night waiting for his Yummy Comb treat…”

Time Matters.

Over 200,00 dogs per year suffer from choking and blockage incidents, and many lead to fatalities.

Testing Protocol for digestibility (solubility)

The Dental Treat Dissolvability Testing Protocol is a simulation of how treats might pass through the digestive system. The data gathered will be used to chart how quickly each companies treat can be entirely penetrated at a set pressure point utilizing common probe. The inference is that the faster the probe completely penetrates each treat the more likely the treat will not cause a bowel obstruction.

The solution used for testing is a 5% acidic solution (vinegar). The resulting numeric values can be utilized to chart each dental treat for its ability to become mushy enough to pass through the digestive system without creating a bowel obstruction.

NOTE: Two sets of treats were be tested simultaneously then averaged.

These results further demonstrate how each companies design along with the ingredients within the treat contribute to the safe and effective digestion of dental treats.

1.) 16 distinctly different sample treats were selected for the Dental Treat Probe Testing

2.) Each treat was cut into like size pieces, weights of each treat were gathered as a baseline.

3.) A solution of 5% acid (vinegar) (.296 gram weight) is added to each treat sample at one minute intervals to create an equal time stamp for each treat being tested.

4.) At 15-minute intervals, each treat is probed with one (1) pound of pressure to determine if the probe will completely penetrate the treat at the treats thickest point.

5.) Results are then captured once the probe penetrates each and every treat completely

Results are in...

Yummy Combs dissolve FASTER than ALL other dental treats

Inside walls dissolve in 10 minutes / Entire treat dissolves in 30 minutes

Ted McVay's Many Successes

  • Earned an M.S. in BioChemistry from Baylor University.
  • Completed coursework and draft thesis for M.S. at Baylor U. in Biochemistry—Isolated & purified structural analysis of Factor 12 Blood Clotting.
  • Research grant to study effect of high altitude rare gases for space exploration.
  • Developed process to manufacture epoxy resins.
  • Led research team development of adhesion and coatings w/o use of formaldehyde.
  • Developed pure carbon foam that was conductive or could be modified to be non-conductive.
  • Improved traction for race care tires to hold track better.
  • Developed super plasticizers for concrete doubling strength and no longer subject to freeze-thaw cracking.
  • Overcame over 50 hurdles refining the Yummy Combs® product.

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