Our Mission Is To...

…raise awareness to the significances of periodontal disease and obesity which is plaguing dogs & cats worldwide.

We believe “A Daily Dose of Dental Care”™ will ensure your dog is getting what it needs to fight off tartar and the buildup bacteria ridden plaque, the precursor of periodontal disease. Additionally, we believe proper nutrition is as important for the management of diseases, such as renal failure, heart failure as antimicrobial drugs and vaccines are for the management of infectious diseases.

It All Starts in the Mouth

Oral Care!

Healthy teeth and gums are the prerequisite for a healthy body. Prevention is key, assessment is critical, and treatment is necessary at all levels.


What goes in affects the entire body of the dog. Complete and Balanced is the precursor of a healthy diet. Disease prevention requires proper nutrition, immunization, dental, and parasite control programs throughout life.


Feeding sticks as dental treats may just be better than what you find being offered to many dogs. If the treat you are feeding is too hard, it can cause a tooth fracture. If a piece of the treat can become lodged in the esophagus or bowel, you have a blockage and a potential emergency.

Great Taste!

If your dog loves the taste, it will be ready and waiting each morning for their daily dose of oral care. The mechanical action of chewing on Yummy Combs removes the hardened tartar, great taste equals better efficacy!

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