It All Started with Fresher Breath

What began as an attempt to freshen our dog’s breath turned into a retail destination.

Joe Roetheli, PhD

Stevie Awards Winner

Judy Roetheli

Serial Entrepreneur
Mother of Two Boys
Philanthropic Giver

Before Yummy Combs...


Joe, a veteran who worked at USDA for 18 years earned his PhD at the University of Missouri. His focus at the USDA was industrial uses of agricultural materials. A dog lover at heart. Joe was encouraged by his wife Judy to find a solution that would address the bad breath from their Samoyed dogs, Ivan and Katie. This was the impetus that led to their development of Greenies and commercialization of Pill Pockets.


Judy, a teacher and homemaker, began to work along side Joe with a purpose-driven mindset to make a difference in the lives of people and dogs on the grand stage.

Periodontal Disease is correlated to ORGAN FAILURE

  • What started as an attempt to remove bad breath for their two dogs, Katie and Ivan led to a journey of amazing proportions. What seemed to be an end to their journey was just the beginning.
  • Joe and his team were the first in the world to develop the process for molding pet treats. This led to the creation of the first dental treat, Greenies. After many years in growing the business, Joe and Judy sold their dream company and launched into several other ventures staying clear of the pet treat business for 7 years.
  • Joe’s passion for pets and the loss of his own prompted him once again to jump back into the world of pet treats, specifically Hybrid Wellness treats that encompasses a revolutionary functional shape, state-of-the-art oral care, advanced safety, superior nutrition, great taste, and is easy to use.
  • His desire to provide treats for a happier, healthier and longer life for pets led him to research the causes of why dogs die so quickly. What the science points to is: Periodontal disease and the direct correlation to ORGAN FAILURE.
    Eliminate periodontal disease in Dogs and Cats, and they will have a better chance of living longer.
    • The Yummy Combs revolutionary shape and ingredients are created to deter gulping, choking, obstructions with the goal of extending the lives of dogs.
    • Yummy Combs superior nutrition presents a complete and balanced formula that reverses the traditional protein from starch and carbs ratio to a low starch formula that deters weight gain. Yummy Combs contains 12 special wellness ingredients to add years to the lives of dogs. When serving Yummy Combs, reduce the amount of main meal by 10% to maintain weight management goals.

So could awareness and education improve the lives of dogs and cats?

And could a revolutionary dental treat be the catalyst that would improve the lives of dog’s and cats?


We believe if we can impact health at its core through awareness and education, we can change the way pet parents care for their dogs and cats so they may live a happier, healthier and longer life.

The TEAM behind the Vision

Shape Makes the Difference

Begin a protocol today that will change the way you care for your dog’s overall wellness. It all starts in the mouth, Oral Care, Nutrition, Safety and Great Taste.

Before Yummy Combs...

Brushing your dog’s teeth was the ONLY option… an option that seemed impossible. However, with the development of the first dental dog treat, a new pet category was born: the “dental treat” category.

Joe and Judy began to research smells and tastes that might freshen their dog’s breath.

Working 18 years for the USDA, Joe’s thoughts led to him creating something completely natural and tasty that could neutralize a dog’s bad breath!

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