The honeycomb-like patented shape makes it different from any other dog dental treat. The treat surrounds your dog’s teeth for a deeper, more complete clean while it is being chewed. It is designed to floss dogs’ teeth all the way to the gum line and gently massages where periodontal disease gets its foot hold. Its width and depth prevents dogs from gulping it down in one bite and encourages them to chew longer. Yummy Combs® are also packed with nutrition and wellness ingredients for a complete and balanced diet.

Safety of your pet is one of the most important things to Pet’s Best Life. The innovative honeycomb shape requires dogs to chew it rather than gulp the treat down whole. The hexagonal shape is designed to be wider than the oropharynx of the dog’s throat (the non-stretching gateway to the stomach). Yummy Combs® were conceived and formulated by pet lovers based on science, technology, engineering and math. They are made with Slick’M™, a patented ingredient that helps if a dog does get a large piece of Yummy Comb® broken off, it assists in keeping the piece from lodging in the throat or intestines. To hasten digestibility to help prevent blockages, Yummy Combs® is designed with thin walls. Check the package or our website to determine the correct size Yummy Combs® for your dog.

Yummy Combs® are to be given one treat per day. They are formulated for adult dogs only with glucosamine and chondroitin; feeding more than one treat per day would exceed the recommended AAFCO requirement. Reduce your dog’s kibble by 10% to prevent over feeding.

Chicken is the number one ingredient in Yummy Combs®. If your dog is allergic or sensitive to chicken avoid feeding Yummy Combs®. They are made with natural ingredients and free of gluten, grain, GMOs and lactose. They can be fed to dogs with a range of dietary considerations. Talk to your veterinarian about whether Yummy Combs® are an appropriate addition to your dog’s diet. As with people, a low percentage of dogs have allergies to certain ingredients

The answer is Yes! The thin-walled honeycomb design with increased surface area-to-volume ratio improves digestibility. This also improves solubility and allows Yummy Combs® to be produced at lower temperatures preserving valuable nutrients during the manufacturing process.

Yummy Combs® are made with chicken as the number one ingredient. They also include milk casein protein, honey and natural liver flavoring.

Without proper teeth cleaning, flossing and gum massaging, gingivitis and periodontal disease can set in. Bleeding gums allow bacteria and toxins to access the circulatory system easily where they race to damage vital organs, and in some cases result in death. Autopsies very seldom state that the dog died from periodontal disease, but merely state that the dog died from failure of a vital organ. However, the damage to the vital organ is often a result of periodontal disease.

Canine nutritionists recommend one gram of protein per pound of body weight for dogs that are considered a healthy weight for their size and breed.

The idea came from years of experience in the pet industry and a passion and love for dogs ensuring they could have a pet’s best life. Dr. Joe Roetheli began thinking about the root cause of death among dogs in general, the answer was periodontal disease. Periodontal disease was the main culprit in letting bacteria enter the dog’s vital organs, many times going undiagnosed as the cause for organ failure. Regular visits to the veterinarian and proper oral care are the gold standard but Joe knew if he could develop a product that would reduce the build-up of tartar and plaque on the dogs’ teeth between visits, it would be a game changer. His design would need to be a hard and tough surface that could chip away at the tartar and plaque, cleaning all the way to the gum line where the periodontal disease gets its foot hold. It would also need to be easily digestible and soluble so as not to cause an esophageal obstruction or obstruction in the bowel. His thin-walled design does both, ensuring the maximum surface to volume ratio. Finally, he wanted to develop a dental treat that was complete and balanced ending the empty calorie claim that treats have so long had to weather over the years.

Our company strives to have our mission and name be one in the same. Developing products that are designed and formulated for your pet’s best life gave way to our company name-Pet’s Best Life, LLC. Our combined decades of experience in the pet industry developing, marketing, distributing and selling pet treats have paved the way for this new innovation and sets the stage for many more to come in the future.
Yummy Combs® are proudly made in North Kansas City, Missouri with love by experienced pet product manufacturers.
Jim the Wonder Dog was likely the most talented, ingenious dog ever. He was so gifted that he selected the winner of the Kentucky Derby seven times. Owners of a horse racetrack threatened his owner if he didn’t get Jim out of town immediately as he was picking winners of races almost without error. He could identify cars from different states and different varieties of trees upon command. He was named Hunting Dog of the Country by Outdoor Life magazine. He was tested by two universities and found no unusual traits associated with a hunting dog; but what they found was that what the owner told them he could do, he was able to do. Jim was ingenious. And Yummy Combs® are ingenious in many ways as well! Pets Best Life, LLC supports the Jim the Wonder dog Foundation.

We have become accustomed to trying to make sure our foods are clean and don’t have a lot of extra ingredients, but we also eat many different foods. Dogs, on the other hand, eat basically one thing their entire lives, dog food.  Dog foods must be complete and balanced for the health of the dog.  Pet’s Best Life relied on a Board-Certified Veterinary Specialist in Nutrition to formulate Yummy Combs and assure that the product is complete and balanced with all vitamins, and minerals that a dog requires to survive and thrive. We didn’t want to ruin a dog’s diet by giving them the equivalent of a candy bar.  It takes 18-20 ingredients just to provide all the vitamins and minerals required for a complete and balanced diet.  Twenty-one separate amino acids are required for a dog to survive and thrive.  These amino acids are delivered from proteins.  Yummy Combs contain 44% superior protein to build strong muscles and protect vital organs, keeping them working at their optimum.  Both the quantity and quality of protein are important.  Animal proteins typically possess more amino acids than plant proteins.  At Pet’s Best Life, we want to do more for dogs than just barely keep them alive, we want them to thrive and excel, living their best life possible.  Yummy Combs include 12 special ingredients for extra wellness, things like glucosamine and chondroitin for joints and salmon oil with omega-fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. 

A Super Bowl, Worlds Series, NBA Finals, or NASCAR Cup series victory are not won by teams with just a few good people, but are built on greatness in numerous categories, just like Yummy Combs!

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