Ingenious flossing treat, complete and balanced – In fact, 38 ingredients in all

We all know how important brushing and flossing is for our own teeth. Now you can give your dogs’ teeth a good scrubbing with Yummy Combs®, the world’s first uniquely designed flossing treat for dogs. Clean chompers will support your dog’s wellness. Plus the taste is sure to win you a few wags and gleaming eyes!

We believe dogs deserve only the best. So we designed the ultimate doggie dental treat, then filled it with all the good stuff, but our formula avoids artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, lactose, grains, GMOs or gluten.

6-way flossing action

Reaches all around and between your dog’s teeth

Helps clean teeth

Scrubs them from front to back

Massages gums

Deep honeycomb pockets clean to the gum line

Nutrient rich

SUPERcopia™ of 12 wellness ingredients

Taste dogs love

And you can give it once a day!

44% protein & all amino acids

Top 3 ingredients possess high bio protein values

Designed to treat your dog’s teeth right

The special shape of Yummy Combs® treats makes it different from other doggie dental snacks. First, the treat is large and in charge, which keeps it from being gulped down whole and encourages more chewing. Second, it’s designed to floss like a boss from any angle. And finally, it’s delicious and nutritious with every bite.

Ingenious Syzygy 6-Shape™ Yields Perfect Alignment of Functions


Shaped by love and science

Individually wrapped for freshness, safety and convenience.